Trouble Inc

Is there anything better than a nice, saucy rack of ribs?

What about an entire festival devoted to them?

What if that festival was right downtown?

Well you’re in luck, Ottawa rib fans. There’s a yearly festival just for your sticky, greasy fingers. The Sparks Street Mall International Chicken-Rib Cook-off took over local streets at the end of June, and the smells of BBQ sauce and pork turned our city into a meatopia fit for today’s distinguished carnivore.

While the moment has passed and Ribfest has moved on to the next location for the year, we’ve got a video that will make you regret things like “keeping your job” or “making a good life for your family” instead of camping outside the vendors for a weekend. You can practically taste the sauce (note: Sweet Chili is not liable for any injuries sustained attempting to taste through your monitor).

And if you happened to miss the festivities, fear not, supporters of succulence, for it will be back next year. Until then, relive the memories or regret your decisions. If you concentrate hard enough, you just might be able to taste it.

Produced with Pixel Lens Productions.